Wingmount Xlight – English



IMG_1330History: Many of you know the Wingmount photos looking straight down to the ground. I wanted to make a wingmount as small and as light as possible to be able to place it where I want in my glider and find amazing new views never seen before. I tried many things and the final product is the Wingmount with only 70 grams and not at all 11.5 cm/4.5 inch diameter.

Compatibility: The Wingmount by ParamotorGermany-Products fits the GoPro Hero3, Hero3+ and Hero4 models. (GoPro is a registrated Trademark by GoPro Inc.)IMG_1326

Possible applications: The mount can be attached to any material as long as it’s not too thick. And of course you can also mount it on any magnetic materials without problems. For example Paraglider, Paramotor, Kites, Shirts…

The Product: The Wingmount is made of 2 flexible „Baseplates“, each including 5 strong Neodym magnets. The camera is placed in a case of imitation leather. A wide variety of colors and patterns are possible, for only 5€ extra you can get your costumize Wingmount.

The Price: Each of the available Wingmounts is only 55€ and international shipping only 6,70€ (incl. Tracking number)

Accessories: With the Protective Set for 10€ you can safe your camera with the protective lense and a plastic lense cover.

Attention: Using this camera mount is based on your own risk. The manufacturer is not liable for loss or damage to persons or objects.
Mounting on a Paraglider: Despite the low weight of about 70 grams (+75 grams GoPro), you should check if the handling or flight characteristics changed. If you’re not sure please contact the manufacturer of your flight equipment whether you are allowed to use the holder in your glider or not.

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